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scorned as timber, beloved of the sky

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One day, Delia - by the banks of what river? - we shall pick up again this uncertain conversation, and ask ourselves if once, in a city lost on a plain, we were Borges and Delia.
From 'Delia Elena San Marco', by Jorge Luis Borges


This is what I'll call my fandom and music journal. I'm a hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool lurker, poking my head out from my happy hibernation from time to time to try to make friends and contribute a little something to fandom. I love commentfic, kinkmemes, and hardcore meta. I often go inactive for long periods of time, only to pop up randomly later on as if nothing had happened. Expect me when you see me.

You might notice that I haven't updated in a while: at this point in my life I do most of my socializing one on one and don't have a lot of need for a journal as such. But I keep this one around in order to keep up on certain communities that I enjoy in a lurkerly sort of style. If I've asked to join your community... pinky promise I'm not a bot or anything. I'm just gonna watch like a vulture, that's all.

Friending policy: Friend away, my child. But please leave a comment, don't be shy, even if you just think I'm cool and want to bookmark me (yeah right) I still like to know who you are.

Me: 3w2, INTP/IEE, Pisces with Saggitarius rising, and rapacious as a rule. Singer, music obsessed, tech addict, reader of practically everything, lover of life. Also libertarian, gender fluid, asexual, and possessed of a great number of mental/emotional issues (aren't we all?).

Things of Love (to be added to): Mushishi, Kino No Tabi, One Piece. Alice in Wonderland, Kij Johnson, Hayao Miyazaki, Death Note, YuGiOh, Borges, Digimon, Supernatural, House of Leaves, poetry, and The Conet Project (you know you want to look it up!). Criminal Minds, BBC Sherlock, Minecraft, Young Justice, and science fiction of all stripes. Cryptography, cyberpunks, OSINT, open-source anything.

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